Laser and Alopecia

Laser and Alopecia

Laser in Barcelona


Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology in medical lasers and IPL.
There are a host of conditions that are amenable to medical laser treatment, including skin spots, acne and related lesions, alopecia (baldness), ruby-red spots, keratosis, warts, venous lakes as well as rejuvenation treatments.

How does it work?

Laser and IPL use intense light. Some of the medical lasers available at our facilities includes: Neodymium laser, non-ablative laser, or CO2 laser.
The way medical lasers work is by causing selective increased heat on the target tissues that causes selective photothermolysis, that is attacks the target lesion without damaging the surrounding tissue.

How is it applied?

After an initial assessment of the location, affected surface area and type of lesion our specialist will apply a local anesthetic topical or otherwise, or might perform the procedure without the need for anesthesia in cases where the expected discomfort will be minimum to nil.
The procedure usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, is always an out-patient procedure. And you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities or go back to work.
Some treatments might require a 5-day skin recovery period, our specialist will provide you with further information.

Where can I use it?

It can be used anywhere in the body or face depending on the lesion to be treated.
How many sessions are required?
It will depend on the specific treatment.


There are different forms of alopecia, androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium, fibrosing frontal alopecia, alopecia areata.
To be able to perform an accurate diagnosis our specialist will take a detailed clinical record and conduct complementary work-up studies as needed. This is a crucial step required to provide you with the best specific course of treatment.

In our facilities we have different techniques that are usually combined for optimal results:


CO2 gas injection in the scalp to increase vascularity and improve follicle nutrition.


platelet rich plasma is one of the treatments that has recently joined the armamentarium against alopecia, promoting regrowth, thickening of the hair follicles, and effecting an anti-inflammatory effect. Indicated in cases of androgenic alopecia and following hair transplant procedures.


is based on the injection on the scalp of vitamin complexes and specific minerals for the hair, aimed at increasing girth and fostering growth.


non-ablative laser that is a coadjutant for the rest of the treatments.
The combination of these techniques and the medical advice provided will constituted a tailored treatment plan for every patient.