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Radiofrequency allows us to attenuate the deep wrinkles that appear on the face or neck, and achieves totally natural results. Facial wrinkles are reduced, and the skin’s elasticity is increased and reaffirmed. Recovery after this painless, non-invasive technique is immediate, and no scars are created.

Where does radiofrequency work?

The main area of ​​action of radiofrequency is the neck and face. It reduces and delays the signs of skin aging, providing a more youthful appearance by gradually stimulating the physiological production of collagen. In the radiofrequency session the device merely “touches” the skin: no punctures or incisions are made, and so there is no pain or discomfort either during or after treatment.

Radiofrequency sessions

Several treatment sessions are needed to derive full benefit from radiofrequency. This is because the synthesis of collagen and elastin progressively increases as more treatment sessions are carried out.

So the number of sessions needed to obtain satisfactory results varies greatly depending on the type of skin we are treating. For this reason, a specialist needs to assess each case to decide whether the treatment is suitable and, if so, how many sessions are required.

As a general rule, two to four weeks of treatment are recommended in the case of skins that show wrinkles and signs of sagging and do not need an extra supply of collagen stimulation. In these patients the aim is just to achieve an overall improvement of the skin’s appearance and restore its smoothness. In contrast, in people with notable skin sagging and deeper wrinkles, five to eight sessions will be necessary.

The length of the sessions depends on the size of the area to be treated, varying between twenty minutes to slightly over an hour. Before the start of the treatment, a short time is need to prepare the skin.


The most important thing to bear in mind before undergoing radiofrequency treatment of any kind is that it must be prescribed and performed by specialized professionals at accredited centres.

Its main indication is for patients with loose skin around the face and neck that does not require surgical treatment.

For optimal results, patients should come to the session with their skin as hydrated and oxygenated as possible, to help maximum absorption. A skin peel is also recommended a few days before the session.

After several radiofrequency sessions at our Barcelona centre, ​​the sagging skin in your face and neck will be a thing of the past!

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