Aesthetic medicine


The main objective of vitamin-based treatments at our Barcelona centre is FACIAL REVITALIZATION. These treatments involve microinjections of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and hyaluronic acid in order to hydrate and revitalize the skin of the face and other parts of the body, such as the neck, neckline, arms, hands, abdomen and thighs.

Facial vitamin-based treatments

Currently this is one of our star treatments. Vitamin-based therapy achieves a remarkable improvement in the appearance and vitality of the skin. The injection of vitamins, either with or without hyaluronic acid of varying densities, improves the appearance, feel and luminosity of the skin; applied to the facial area it restores a rested, youthful look. Daily care and a healthy lifestyle (regular physical exercise, eating a healthy diet, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, etc.) reinforce the effects of the treatment.

What will I achieve with vitamin-based aesthetic treatment?

The main result of vitamin-based skin treatment is to slow down the natural aging of the skin, especially in the face.

The vitamin-based treatment we offer at our Barcelona center, together with other complementary aesthetic medicine treatments in Barcelona, ​​ optimizes the overall results and helps you to enhance your natural beauty.

When can I do the treatment and how long do the effects last?

This treatment can be performed at any time – in just one session (flash effect, or booster) or in three sessions for a complete revitalizing treatment.

The effect depends on the quantity and quality of the products injected, the type of skin and the stress to which it is subjected. The standard treatment protocol comprises:

First session: INTENSE REVITALIZATION (with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and silicon)

Second session (after two weeks). We evaluate the result, and decide whether to carry out  another short session to enhance the effect.

Third and successive sessions (after two months). Another session is performed (either intense or moderate, depending on the needs of the skin). Maintenance sessions are performed every 2 or 3 months.

What types of vitamins are used?

We use different types of vitamins, some of them enriched with hyaluronic acid and amino acids such as arginine, alanine or glutamine. The most commonly used vitamins are vitamin B and C.

 Is vitamin treatment painful?

No, we administer a topical anaesthetic cream for about 20-30 minutes beforehand, and so the discomfort of microinjections is greatly reduced. If this is not enough, local anesthesia is administered.

If you’re looking for revitalized, radiant skin, ask us how!