Aesthetic medicine

Treatment for dark circles

Treatment for dark circles in Barcelona

Treatment to recover luminosity and vibrancy under the eyes.

This is a new treatment which combines filling techniques and mesotherapy and restores the skin’s ability to reflect light, through a simple and effective three-session protocol carried out at 3-week intervals.

Subsequently, we recommend two or three maintenance sessions per year (depending on the condition of the skin) to achieve skin redensification.

The treatment is indicated in the face, neck, neckline and hands to improve their hydration, shine, elasticity, wrinkles and skin depressions. It obtains highly satisfactory results in the treatment of dark circles and hollows.

How does anti-dark circle treatment work?

The results of the treatment are visible from the first session, and its effects are cumulative over the entire period. The product administered is a combination of:

Hyaluronic acid

The dermo-restructuring complex: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants

Lidocaine: provides an anaesthetic effect to enhance comfort

What does dark circle treatment achieve?

Dark circle treatment at our Maresme centre restructures and regenerates the cells. It protects against anti-oxidants and hydrates the skin, thus redensifying the dermis and making the face more vibrant and radiant.

Do you need a tear trough filler?

There is also the option of filling the tear trough in a single session. This is indicated above all in patients without problems of skin hydration or bags under the eyes. Currently, we use Redensity 2, a new hyaluronic acid specific for this area, which offers excellent results lasting for up to a year.