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Hair transplant using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the most advanced, fastest and most effective way to treat baldness and hair loss in both men and women, without leaving any scars.

Trasplante capilar FUE barcelona - Hair transplant

How does the FUE technique work?

LFollicular Unit Extraction is a capillary micrograft technique based on the systematic redistribution of hair follicles without leaving any scarring. It distributes and reimplants the hair, follicle by follicle. The follicles are obtained under local anaesthesia from the back or the side of ​​the head (the donor areas) and are then carefully introduced via microincisions in the areas with little or no hair (the recipient areas).

¿And does this hair fall out?

The donor areas from which the hair grafts are obtained are genetically programmed to produce hair throughout the lifetime; they possess hormonal receptors that are not affected by enzymatic hyperactivity. This means that, once grafted into other areas, this hair does not fall out and continues to grow normally.
Follicular Unit Extraction considered the most advanced hair transplant technique currently in use. It is also the fastest-working, and the one that obtains the best cosmetic results.

How does FUE work?

In FUE, follicles are individually extracted in units of 1, 2, 3 or 4 follicles, without leaving any scars.

How it is performed?

We begin by preparing the follicular unit donor area, shaving either this area alone or the entire head. In the first stage, the extraction is performed; in the second stage the grafts are prepared, and finally they are implanted in the recipient area. These stages are the same as in conventional hair transplantation techniques.
The shaving can be done in three ways:

  1. Total: all the scalp is shaved. This is the method of choice and is used in patients who already Partial: only the donor area is shaved. Within a few days the hair is the same length as on the rest of the head, and so the change in image is not as noticeable as in the case of total shaving.
  2. Flaps: flaps are ideal in patients with medium-length or long hair. In this case, fragments of the donor area are shaved, so that the patient’s longer hair falls over it and hides it completely.

How do I know if a FUE hair transplant is for me?

You are a good candidate for a FUE transplant if:

    • You have limited and controlled hair loss.
    • You have a small amount of scar baldness.
    • You want to wear your hair short and want to avoid scars.
    • The hair in your donor areas is thin.
    • You want to hide scars from previous hair transplants.

If you don’t meet these criteria, a conventional technique may be the best solution.

What is the main advantage of the FUE hair transplant?

In expert hands, the difference between the techniques is not so much in the results, but in the postoperative period. First, the definitive results of FUE are visible within a few months. Second, unlike conventional techniques, FUE does not leave scars.
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