Plastic surgery
Body contour

Aftereffects of obesity

Certain morbidly obese patients are candidates for bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery achieves a very significant decrease in the patient’s weight.
However, this marked weight reduction may trigger a series of problems that require restorative surgery:

Breast atrophy

  • Bariatric surgery may cause the loss of significant volume of breast without altering its position. This can be corrected with breast augmentation.

Breast sagging

  • The breast may present significant sagging, with the nipple reaching below the inframammary fold. This can be corrected with the breast lift technique. It may require the insertion of a prosthesis.

Breast hypertrophy

Abdominal laxity

Abdominal separation

  • Abdominal separation, or diastasis recti, can be corrected by plication of the muscles. It is usually performed in combination with a tummy tuck.


Loose skin on the arms and thighs

  • Arm lifts ((braquioplastia) and thigh lifts (cruroplastia) may be necessary in these patients; the loss of volume causes a significant amount of redundant excess skin.