Reconstructive surgery

Torn earlobe

A torn earlobe is caused by the stretching or complete tearing of the earring hole. It occurs mainly due to the weight of the earrings or piercings, or due to accidents. A torn earlobe can be disfiguring and may make it impossible to wear earrings; however, surgical repair is possible on an outpatient basis, with no need for hospital admission.

The procedure

Earlobe repair is performed under local anaesthetic.
It is a simple intervention that obtains highly satisfactory results, but because of the small surgical space involved it requires high precision. Earlobe repair aims to renew the inner edge of the skin that covers the hole or tear, mobilizing local tissue to reinforce the affected area. This allows the edges to be sutured again and to heal without complications.

Post-operative care

  •          Patients can resume their normal daily activities after the intervention
  •          Stitches are removed after seven days
  •          New holes can be made within three or four weeks after the intervention, once the scar is mature

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