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Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure for raising sagging breasts to their original height and level.
Breast lift surgery is the surgical technique for the correction of sagging breasts, with or without the use of breast implants. Breast ptosis (the technical term) is often associated with breast asymmetry and/or lack of volume. This lack of volume is exaggerated when the breasts are raised, because part of the skin is removed and the breast tissue is compressed. For this reason, in some cases the surgery involves not just raising the breasts, but also the insertion of prostheses to increase their size.

The surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
The number of incisions required depends on the degree of sagging. The smallest scar is made around the areola. It may be combined with a vertical scar as far as the fold, and another “inverted T” scar in the fold itself, in cases of more severe ptosis. Recovery is very fast – 4-5 days if no implants have been used, and about a week otherwise.

And after the operation?

  •          Recovery after mastopexy takes 5-7 days; you should take things very easy for the first five days.
  •          You should not exert yourself for the first two weeks.
  •          Avoid any impacts for the first six weeks post-intervention.
  •          You should wear a sports bra with or without an orthopaedic band at all times during the first month.

What will I achieve with a breast lift?

A breast lift can make you feel more comfortable with your body and can help raise your self-esteem. Ask for an appointment now!
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