Reconstructive surgery


Multiple options are available for the treatment of scars. Although conservative care can be provided using non-surgical techniques, sometimes the best treatment strategy is surgery.

Obviously, the best option for scar treatment will depend on multiple factors such as its origin, location, characteristics, previous therapies applied, and the current state.
Before deciding on any type of treatment, a thorough evaluation of the scar is performed to rule out the existence of pathology and to assess the presence of thickening or depressions and the extension of the scar. These factors will determine the most appropriate treatment: even so, no treatment will completely eliminate the existing scar.
In general, the optimal time for surgical treatment of a scar is between six and eight months after its formation, since this is the minimum time it takes for the scar to mature. The surgical strategies used for scar correction include almost all the reconstruction techniques of the speciality. Similarly, any type of surgical treatment of a scar can be combined with medical treatments that act synergistically and improve the end result. The final outcome will depend on the genetic characteristics and postoperative care of each patient.

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